In-House Forensic Accountant


The In-House
Forensic Accountant

Attention: Litigators

For IP matters, you use Patent Agents. For technology matters, you use eDiscovery experts. For the financial components of a litigation matter, engage an In-House Forensic Accountant as your consulting expert.

Wintrip Consulting, Inc. provides In-House Forensic Accountant services as an innovative way for litigation groups to engage financial experts early and throughout a litigation matter.

Our “in-house” approach means that you can integrate the expertise of a forensic accounting consultant with the day-to-day business of a litigation group, advising and assisting with the development of litigation strategy and throughout the litigation process.

The Benefits of Hiring an
In-House Forensic Accountant

Most litigation matters have a financial component yet financial experts are usually only consulted when a testifying expert is required.

  • Attract clients by adding a puzzle piece to the litigation team, in this case, the specialized knowledge of a forensic accountant.
  • Understand the financial aspect of each case earlier, resulting in stronger litigation strategy.
  • There is no out-of-pocket cost to the litigation group and a more cost effective solution for your client; the In-House Forensic Accountant is, essentially, “on staff”. Only testifying experts would be externally hired, if necessary.
  • Strengthen your in-house expertise and talent base and use your extended capabilities as a benefit and differentiator in client acquisition.

How & Why In-House Forensic Accounting Works

Let’s say that you have a case and need about five hours of time from a forensic accountant to assess the financial aspects of the matter.

You may not engage a forensic accountant because it is a small issue and decide the trouble of finding and engaging a forensic accountant is not worth it.

You probably still need it, though, and your client may suffer if you don’t do it.

Now let’s say your colleague down the hall has a similar need on a different matter. In fact, your colleague has a handful of matters that could use a few hours of financial help.

Your firm needs an In-House Forensic Accountant. 

A monthly retainer provides access to a highly skilled forensic accountant at a reasonable rate. You get cost certainty for your clients and pass the cost on as a disbursement.

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