Independent Experts

Wintrip Consulting Inc. specializes in forensic accounting and  provides independent expert services for investigations, business and asset valuations, and litigation.

Litigation illustration


When involved in litigation where there is the potential for a damages award it’s imperative to have credible and reliable analysis to support a claim. 

We prepare financial analysis and expert reports for use in court that demonstrate clearly and concisely our opinion of damages.

We attend court and explain our reports in terms that are understandable to the lawyers, judges and juries. We stand by our work, and withstand the scrutiny of cross-examination.

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Business Valuation

Value, for most of us, is relative. We’ve all heard the saying that something is only worth what someone will pay you for it.

This is true, but in some cases a value needs to be determined in a notional context where an actual purchaser or transaction may not exist at a specific point in time. In these cases it is possible to examine assets, similar transactions, cash flow and other elements to determine a notional value of an asset.

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Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations &
Due Diligence

Complex business situations, investigations by regulators or the police and allegations of fraud or misconduct are the kinds of circumstances that could lead to a financial investigation.

Whether dealing with a case of misappropriation of funds or reporting irregularities, financial investigation expertise is vital. Investigative accounting can provide the facts to assist in answering the question … What happened?

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